GIVEAWAY!!! – Stargate Aschen ebook hits 750 downloads!

About 3 weeks ago, I released a free ebook called Stargate Aschen, a dystopian science-fiction novel borrowing characters from the popular television franchise Stargate. Since its publication, Stargate Aschen hit 750 downloads yesterday–which exceeds all my expectations.

To celebrate this, I created a little giveaway where you can win a Stargate Aschen Goody Box which consists of stickers, postcards and photoprints of my artwork for this and other stories.

All art was designed and created by Kimberley Jackson. All rights reserved. No unauthorized reproduction.

You can enter the giveaway by clicking the image below. Have fun!



Digital Painting: Seashell by Kimberley Jackson (2012)

“Seashell” by Kimberley Jackson (2012)

This picture is a digital painting, entirely done with a graphics tablet and Photoshop. It was inspired by the story “Seashell”, which Kimberley Jackson is writing on at the moment. It was her first digital drawing ever – all art before then was created on paper without any digital means at all.