March 1, 2012: Some prelim work on the trailer! Pics from the Stargate vault! Dark Matter #3 preview! Mailbag!

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Today, Ivon was out and about, scouting locations for our horror trailer. Kudos to him for coming up with some fantastic, diabolically creepy-looking places – the type of places you would never frequent at night, least of all to shoot something.  While Ivon was on the road, I was on my laptop, working on the script for the 2 minute trailer.  It’s pretty close.  Rhythmically, it goes something like this:

– – – …….!-!-!….?….?……!!!

So, whaddya think?  There are two great scenes I could use to cap the trailer and I’m not sure which one to go with.  Both are suspenseful with great pay-offs but the first leaves a lot to the imagination while the second is quite visceral (and might require me to call on the services of a couple of my old Stargate cohorts).  I’m leaning toward the former only because the expenses for this little project…

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